EDEXCEL GCSE (9-1) BUSINESS, 2e (pb) 2017

EDEXCEL GCSE (9-1) BUSINESS, 2e (pb) 2017
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Endorsed for Edexcel Let Ian Marcouse successfully steer you through the new specification with his proven and popular approach to Business; clear content coverage is enhanced by numerous real-life examples to create a course that engages, motivates and develops every student - Breaks down the content of the 2017 specification into clear, accessible explanations of important concepts and theories - Helps students apply their knowledge to a range of real business examples, issues and contexts, supported by 'Talking Points' that encourage critical and commercial thinking - Improves quantitative, investigative, analytical and evaluation skills through end-of-chapter exercises - Builds students' confidence approaching their exams as they practise calculation, short answer and extended-writing questions with stimulus materials - Boosts students' vocabulary and supports revision with definitions of key terminology for each topic Author: Ian Marcouse

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